Golden Goose (GG Network) is a global agency that specializes in mobile performance-based marketing
25-28 February 2018
Attended GSMA MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS BARCELONA 2018, the world’s largest mobile industry exhibition
29 March 2018
Golden Goose is a platinum sponsor of Moscow’s main Affiliate conference
16-17 May 2018
Exhibitor and sponsor of the conference on mobile and video advertising in Ukraine
24-26 May 2018
Golden Goose travels overseas to explore opportunities in South and Central America, on the largest affiliate conference in the region
18-20 July 2018
Golden Goose and ExoClick introduced the great joint action for affiliates! Hot stickers of Golden Goose been getting a lot of attention and become a great surprise for attendants of AW Europe 2018!
29-31 July 2018
Affiliate Summit East 2018 New York
Golden Goose become an exhibitor and sponsor of the largest exhibition of the performance marketing industry in The North America
11-12 September 2018
Dmexco 2018 Cologne
Golden Goose made his debut with his own stand at the main event of digital marketing in the world
12 September 2018
Kinza 2018 Moscow
Participation in the international independent conference on earnings and business on the Internet
14-17 September 2018
The European Summit 2018 Prague
Golden Goose's team took part in the largest European conference on digital products
11-14 October 2018
Golden Goose Birthday 2018
This year we have celebrated Golden Goose birthday in our Portugal office. It was amazing and exciting to celebrate birthday all together! Join our team and let's make geese great again!
4-7 November 2018
Web Summit 2018 Lisbon
Golden Goose took an active part in one of the largest and most influential technological events in the world.
5-6 December 2018
Affiliate World Asia 2018 Bangkok
Golden Goose became a sponsor and participant of AWA 2018, and also organized the Golden Goose Rooftop Party for its partners and clients
25-28 February 2019
MWC Barcelona 2019
The Golden Goose team has become an attend of the largest forum in the world of mobile technology
1-4 March 2019
TES Affiliate Conferences 2019 Lisbon
Golden Goose became the Golden Sponsor of THE EUROPEAN SUMMIT 2019 annual forum for professionals affiliate marketing from around the world and organized the GOLDEN GOOSE SUNSET PARTY for its friends and partners
9-10 April 2019
Moscow Affiliate Conference 2019
Golden Goose became the Golden Sponsor of the conference and made the first authentic Russian party on our motherland "Golden Goose Party Moscow 2019" for our partners and friends
19 April 2019
CPA life 2019 Saint Petersburg
Golden Goose's team took part in the annual conference for digital marketers, affiliates and advertisers in Saint Petersburg
8-9 July 2019
Affiliate World Europe 2019 Barcelona
Golden Goose became an exhibitor and sponsor of the largest trade-show in Europe for the World's top digital marketers and ecommerce entrepreneurs
11-13 August 2019
Affiliate Summit East 2019 New York
Golden Goose became an exhibitor and sponsor of the Meet Market is a six-hour session of face-to-face networking among merchants, affiliate programs, networks, and service providers at ASE 2019
11 September 2019
Kinza 2019 Moscow
Golden Goose took part in the annual international conference on earning on the websites and traffic
13-15 September 2019
TES Affiliate Conferences 2019 Prague
Golden Goose team became the platinum sponsor of the largest 3-day networking event in Europe for affiliates, media buyers, advertisers & publishers
4-6 October 2019
The third Golden Goose anniversary!
It was exciting, astonishing, fabulous, crazy and fun Golden Goose birthday party at Oktoberfest in Munich! Third time already we celebrated our party together outside of the office. And now we are ready to do it again! Welcome on board and follow the Golden Goose team in 2020.
8 October 2019
Kyiv Affiliate Conference 2019
Golden Goose team took part in one of the biggest affiliate conference in CIS countries
4-5 December 2019
Affiliate World Asia 2019 Bangkok
Golden Goose took part as a sponsor and an exhibitor of the main afiiliate event in Asia. The annual Golden Goose rooftop party was recognized the best pre-party at AWA in 2019!
20 December 2019
Xmas party 2019!
Goose Kitchen Party 2019! It was amazing year for the Golden Goose team, but we are sure 2020 will be even better for Golden Goose and our partners! See you soon under the wing of a powerful company!
27-29 January 2020
Affiliate Summit West 2020 Las Vegas
Golden Goose took part in the Meet Market section of the biggest performance marketing event in North America!
28-29 February, 1-2 March 2020
TES Affiliate Conference 2020 Lisbon
Golden Goose took part as a Platinum Sponsor of THE EUROPEAN SUMMIT 2020 the biggest event for professionals affiliate marketing in Europe
15-18 October 2020
Happy birthday Golden Goose!
The second pandemic wave is coming... But it isn't the reason to cancel the birthday party! Altay is the point of power for Russia and it's the best place for celebrating birthday of our company! Relax and be safe under the wing of a powerful company in 2021!
27 October 2020
Moscow Affiliate Conference Autumn Edition 2020
Golden Goose team took part in the biggest affiliate marketing show in CIS
In 2009
A group of young professionals from the Mobile VAS Industry, who started their careers focusing on Russia and the CIS countries, decided to expand their operation and act in the media-buy market, on a global scale.
By 2011
Soon enough, we became one of the largest Media Buying companies on the growing market of mobile Ads, with quite impressive results in such a short time.
Since 2013
We have been achieving remarkable results in promoting VAS portals from advertisers, all over the world. We have been using a performance-based marketing model and became a top buyer in majority of the mobile traffic ad-networks, worldwide.
In 2015
The lifetime value (LTV) of our mobile users allowed us to obtain some attention in the content providers (CP’s) market and enabled us to sign an important agreement with a global digital group. We opened an office in the UK.
In 2016
We set ourselves as the main player in the Russian market and the CIS countries, in the mobile performance industry and VAS marketing. We launch the brand Golden Goose and make an important statement, as the top partner for mobile traffic monetization in the region.
In 2017
Only one year after, our statement becomes real and we sign direct contracts with all carriers in Russia and the CIS countries, consolidating our leadership position in the market and supplying over 1.500 active webmasters and media buyers.
In 2018
We make an important move towards our international goals! This step puts Golden Goose in the race for mobile traffic monetization and represents the beginning of a big cycle ahead. We are ready to monetize mobile traffic and pay every day for each conversion!
Our mission:
We believe that our contribution to the creation of a new mobile system will save the world – just like geese saved Rome one day