By promoting your mVAS service into the fold of a strong team you will get:
The team of professionals
who have knowledge of mobile carrier requirements to promoting mVAS services in more than 40 countries of the world
Access to the platform
designed with the mVAS market in mind taking into account all specific requirements and technical nuances
One-time access
to 10000 venues all over the world, with their target audience suiting mVAS services perfectly
Due to the experience of cooperation with mobile carriers gained in 40+ countries of the world, Golden Goose can significantly improve financial indicators of your mVAS without the growing negative and subscribers' complaints
15+ years of experience
with DCB technology and in-house mVAS services
10+ years of experience
of cooperation with the largest mVAS advertisers all over the world
Golden Goose Platform
A user-friendly account area for advertisers
To control campaign efficiency in the target sites, 16+ parameters for user segmentation are available, including country, device, mobile carrier, interest history, etc.​
Self-service management
The software interface designed for quick integration with external systems and ad offer setup
The infrastructure solution for the end-to-end aggregation and data exchange in the dedicated support service
Embedded anti-fraud system
Cooperation with key traffic sources
Direct contacts with managers of the largest advertiser networks and traffic hubs allow to eliminate the spread of the discovered fraud traffic at the source level
Neural Networks
Use of LSTM-RNN neural network that learned using its own dataset (1+ billion clicks, 5 million conversions) allows to promptly identify the patterns that are typical of the fraud traffic, even if a new type of fraud that is not known to the system appears.
Rule-based traffic filtering
A wide range of own fraud criteria and cooperation with international organizations (WASPA) allow to efficiently identify and filter toxic mobile traffic
Detailed Analytics
Automatic efficiency analysis
The embedded mathematical algorithms of multiple criteria analysis of conversions allow to automatically build the profitability forecasts of the attracted traffic by sources, publishers, and other criteria
Breakdowns and Filters
Breakdowns and filters embedded in the analytics system allow to group data according to 20 various criteria up to application names that are traffic source​.
Real-Time Data
Due to Clickhouse dedicated database developed by Yandex, statistics and analytical reports are updated in real-time
Global Traffic
One-time access to 10000 publishers all over the world, with their target audience suiting mVAS services perfectly
All venues are subject to detailed manual check in terms of traffic quality
We focus on mVAS market, that's why only venues that have traffic, which is relevant for mVAS services, are included in our partner network
In-house media buying that have wide experience with any flows presented in mVAS

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