The world largest HUB of mVAS services is ready to bring you into the fold and to monetize the traffic from any corner of the world
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Who qualifies for mVAS offers?
Website owners
We are ready to monetize the entire mobile traffic of your website offering you the most popular and modern advertising formats, and the most advanced and efficient solutions to protect against ad blockers.
To media buyers
Every member of our partner network is provided the services of a personal manager, who is always ready to consult you and advise the most popular offers and ties in mVAS market.
To advertiser networks
We know how to monetize the mobile traffic from all over the world, while а smartlink algorithms of our platform allow reaching ultimate results and accepting any traffic; besides, our offers will provide you with 90% of global coverage
To app developers
We are good at working with the mobile app audience and provide the best advertising formats and monetization solutions that allow integrating mVAS offers in any mobile applications
Golden Goose is the best financial services for CPA market affiliates

Daily payments to all key payment systems

An option to get payments directly to your own advertiser networks

Bonus System

Get special points (GAGA) per conversion in Golden Goose to your bonus account and exchange them for the goods, gifts, certificates, and much more!
Golden Goose is the most convenient toolkit for affiliates in mVAS market

In-built free tracker

The Golden Goose platform has an integrated easy-to-use tracker that helps build reports with multi-tier grouping and track efficiency of the traffic channels in real-time, and this is 100% free for our affiliates


Smartlink is the machine learning algorithm that allows to identify and predict the best conversion models of traffic optimization in the Golden Goose system and to choose the most profitable offers for the affiliate's traffic source.

Easy-to-Use Statistics

Breakdowns and filters embedded in the statistics system allow grouping data according to 40 different criteria. To analyze data, statistics use mathematical algorithms of multiple criteria analysis of conversions that allow building profitability forecasts of the attracted traffic.
Golden Goose is the best service for affiliates
24/7 support
(we care about your traffic)
A personal consultant
in the system
Always fresh cases
and best conversion bundles
KJ Rocker
I came to know Golden Goose and their Team during the Affiliate World Europe. They are one of the best options for mVAS affiliate offers with an excellent and hardworking team!
Servando Silva
Super Аffiliate / Blogger
Golden Goose is one of the top networks in terms of mVAS and mobile offers all around. The platform is unique, offers are on fire, and they provide a ton of data most affiliate networks don't. You'll get landing pages (with CR % data), traffic sources (with CR % data), whitelists/blacklists for some of the most popular traffic sources, and IP addresses. If you're focused on mobile traffic, you can't miss this network! They go the extra mile so you don't have to, but you should
Luke Afflift
Afflift owner
Golden Goose is one of my favorite affiliate networks right now. They have great converting offers, a nice platform, and really fast and convenient payments!